The Discovery Engine

Accelerating Basic Research with AI-Driven Discovery

We're building an AI-powered platform to accelerate scientific discovery. Our goal is to equip researchers with cutting-edge tools to uncover meaningful insights from complex data, and use them to rapidly advance the frontiers of scientific understanding.

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Uncovering Insights Hidden in Complex Data

Deep neural networks often learn very different features than humans do, and can identify intricate patterns in complex and multimodal data that are difficult to discover with traditional analysis methods. The Discovery Engine leverages this power to automatically extract meaningful information from raw datasets – without the constraints of human assumptions or the need for manual feature engineering.

Accelerating the Path from Data to Discovery

The process of going from raw data to publishable insights can be slow and arduous. The Discovery Engine streamlines this journey: we leverage the expressive power of deep learning to model your data, and then use our state of the art interpretability methods to extract the patterns learned by the network. We use state of the art language models to compile the most promising insights into auto-generated reports and paper drafts, complete with references to relevant literature. Our goal is to let researchers focus on what they do best – pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding - and minimise the time it takes to get from data to novel publication.

Accessible to All Researchers

We believe that AI-driven discovery should be in the hands of all researchers, not just AI experts. That's why we've designed the Discovery Engine with ease of use at the forefront. Through an intuitive web interface, researchers can input data, adjust settings, review results, and edit auto-generated reports – no deep technical expertise required. Whether your field is materials science, histopathology, or anywhere in between – the Discovery Engine is for you.

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The Discovery Engine is set to reshape the landscape of scientific research, and we're inviting forward-thinking researchers to join us at the vanguard of this transformation. We want to help you extract truly novel insights from your data and share them with the world, and by joining our waitlist, you'll have the opportunity to be among the first to access this groundbreaking platform.

Plus, it's completely free for academics and non-profits.

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