We are scientists, engineers, operators, and dreamers. Join us to help humans understand the universe better.

How we work

Empowering Ownership

Everyone at Leap is an outstanding performer with high agency and a sense of urgency.

Micromanagement stifles our creativity and innovation.

We empower you to take ownership of your work and time by providing you with the resources and flexibility you need.

Excessive Communication

There is no such thing as over-communicating. We ensure our independent work does not become siloed through consistent collaboration, ideation sessions, and thinking out loud.

We work together in one room with no walls between us. Be prepared for vocal lightbulb moments and pacing around. Headphones are encouraged for deep work.

Hybrid Environment

Everyone is enabled to do their best work regardless of location by fostering a flexible work environment.

We spend three or more days a week in the office together, and sometimes hang out after work too.

We are currently hiring in London and San Francisco, however, we can make the occasional remote hire.

Holistic Focus

The greatest asset we have is, and always will be, each other.

Our lives outside of work are highly valued, and everyone at Leap is supported in tending their physical, mental, and social health.

Fulfilled humans produce the most exceptional work.

Open Roles

Lead Machine Learning Researcher

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